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Supported Platforms and Installation Tips

Scythe Mugen 2 can be installed on all contemporary platforms without any exceptions. It is compatible even with the outdated Socket 478 platform. You can download a detailed manual that will guide you through the installation procedure step by step. We are going to dwell only on the major milestones.

First of all you have to attach the retention corresponding to your processor socket type to the cooler base:

Socket 478

Socket 754/939/940/ 

LGA 775/1366

Then check out the schematics of Scythe Mugen 2 installation procedure for each of the platforms:


Socket 478

LGA 775

LGA 1366


Socket 754/939/940

Socket AM2(+)/AM3

As you see, the new cooler is attached to the backplate through the mainboard PCB, so you will have to take the board out of the system case before installing the cooler. Scythe has finally given up the unreliable “push-pin” retention that used to bend the mainboard PCB. They equipped their flagship solution with excellent retention and a universal backplate:

Despite the seeming bulkiness, backplate fit just fine on the bottom of my DFI LANPARTY DK X48-T2RS mainboard:

By the way, when the cooler is installed onto LGA1366 mainboards, you will have to remove the standard backplate they come equipped with and use the one from the Mugen 2 retention kit. They also included a special wrench with the cooler’s accessories that you will need to remove the default backplate.

The distance from the cooler base to the lower heatsink plate is 41mm. Besides, the cooler is very compact at the base, so the heatpipes and the additional heatsink didn’t cause any trouble during system assembly.


However, it turned out tricky to install the fan onto the heatsink. First, I had to remove a memory DIMM module from the first slot, because its tall heat-spreader wouldn’t let me put the fan in. And second, I failed to fasten one of the wire clips to the lower part of the heatsink, because it pushed against the memory chipset heatsink:

In fact, the latter is not really a big problem, because the top of the wire clip did get into the notch. As for the memory module, I would recommend potential Scythe Mugen 2 owners either to get DIMMs without heat-spreaders or to make sure that the cooler with a fan will not interfere with the memory modules featuring tall heat-spreaders on their board. Here I need to add that the distance from the center of the cooler to the edge of the wide heatsink is 50mm (add another 25mm for the fan).

This is what Scythe Mugen 2 looks like inside the system case:

No LEDs or any other decorative stuff. Everything is very strict and serious.

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