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Cooling Efficiency

During the Linpack test we managed to overclock our 45 nm quad-core processor to 3.8 GHz (+26.7%) at minimal fan rotation speed of 510RPM. The nominal processor Vcore was increased to ~1.5 V in the mainboard BIOS (+30.4%):

None of the today’s testing participants could cope with an overclocked processor with only one fan rotating at 510RPM that is why we are going to start our diagrams with the dual-fan mode at this speed:

Here you go! Just a little while back ThermoLab BARAM managed to slightly outperform Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme. And today Scythe Mugen 2 won 2°C from BARAM. The cooling efficiency leader has changed one more time. Note what a great job they did on picking a fan for this cooler. Mugen 2 equipped with two fans at 860RPM cools the CPU 2°C worse than with one PWM-controlled fan at its maximum speed of 1300RPM. If you use an even more powerful fan at 1860RPM, you will win another 3°C, but the noise will be a little too loud. Adding a second powerful fan doesn’t bring any additional benefits.

“Second infinity” turned out more efficient than “airflow” during the maximum CPU overclocking tests, too:

Scythe Mugen 2 (2х1860 RPM)

ThermoLab BARAM (2x1860RPM)

If cooling efficiency leaders will be changing so quickly from now on winning a few extra degrees every time, they will evidently hit unprecedented heights in CPU cooling very soon.

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