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Compatibility and Installation

Scythe Mugen 3 is compatible with all contemporary platforms. Unfortunately, the Japanese cooler maker hasn’t yet started to bundle their products with the new LGA2011 retention kits, although I think it is about time. The installation procedure isn’t any different from that used for Mine 2, but this time they use a new, fourth backplate modifications – F.M.S.B.4 (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 4):

The backplate has become smaller in size, but remained fully universal and at the same time is now even more compatible with contemporary mainboards.

The cooler is fastened with screws, which should be inserted from the bottom of the PCB into the screw-nuts attached to the ends of the retention brackets:

The retention provides super-strong hold, but it is not too strong for the board to start bending under pressure. The distance between the lowest heatsink fin and the mainboard surface is 48 mm. Keeping in mind that in both cooler positions the heatsink with the attached fan will block at least the one DIMM slot closest to the processor, this space may be insufficient to ensure conflict-free coexistence of the Mugen 3 cooler and memory modules with tall heat-spreaders:

The cooling efficiency of Scythe Mugen 3 doesn’t depend on the way it is installed on the CPU and positioned inside the system case. And this is true for both configurations: with a single default fan as well as two alternative fans at different rotation speeds:



The difference in processor peak temperature between these two installations never exceeded 1 degree C that is why we decided to use only one configuration during the main part of our test session, namely when the airflow is directed towards the back of the system case.

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