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No doubt, that Scythe Ninja Copper is a remarkable cooler. It would be a perfect choice for those who love silent systems, but could also please overclocking fans with its performance in active mode (with a fan). Stylish exterior and universal design could also be a great advantage for many potential users. But it only something that could happen, because Scythe Ninja Copper is very unlikely to make it into mass production, so its will probably end up in the systems of those close to Scythe or their friends. The price of the cooler is secondary and matters only from theoretical standpoint, even if a few coolers make it to retail. A legend is a legend.

What we would really want to believe is that the constructive changes made to the Scythe Ninja Copper such as spaced out heatpipes, more efficient fan bundled with the cooler, mirror-shining base surface, etc. will eventually find their way into the regular Scythe Ninja with aluminum heatsink. Moreover, we would like to see the lower aluminum heatsink to be fastened in a little bit better way, and maybe even modified for higher efficiency. And of course, it would be nice to see Scythe engineers improve the installation procedure for LGA775 mainboards, so that it could be simpler and more convenient to perform.

In conclusion I would like to list all the highs and lows of the new cooler model once again:


  • Unique cooler design (collector’s edition);
  • High efficiency on overclocked processors;
  • Can work  with overclocked processors in passive (fanless) mode;
  • Remarkably low level of generated noise with a standard fan;
  • Universal design (supports all contemporary platforms).


  • Inconvenient cooler installation onto LGA775 mainboards for Intel processors;
  • Some issues with the aluminum heatsink at the bottom of the cooler.

* - I didn’t mention high price among the lows, because solutions like that are never cheap.

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