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The cooler base is covered with protective plastic film reminding you that it needs to be removed before installation:

Once you take it off, you see impeccably polished mirror-shining surface of the nickel-plated copper base:

The cooler base is very even in the center, where it contacts the processor heat-spreader. Only the corners are a little off, but it doesn’t tell on the cooling efficiency in any way.

The heatsink is bundled with a 140 x 140 x 25mm fan with a sleeve bearing (SY1425SL12L model):


The fan features 11 blades rotating at 500 (±10%) RPM. It creates 29.39 CFM airflow and generates 10.8dBA of noise. In other words, this fan is absolutely silent, i.e. you do not heat it at all. The motor also produced no rattling noises of any kind.

The fan is attached to the heatsink with two wire clips bundled with the cooler. The clips catch to the holes in the fan and then lock on to the slits in the heatsink plates:

It is very good that the slits are made symmetrically on all four sides of the heatsink, so you will be able to attach up to three 140mm x 25mm or 120mm x 25mm fans to Scythe Orochi cooler:

In fact, you could also try and fit in six 92x25mm fans. All in all, there are a number of options available.

And this is what Scythe Orochi looks like with a standard fan attached to it:

You can see very well from the top photograph that the fan edges are sort of hanging off the heatsink sides:

So, some of the airflow created by the 140mm fan will be wasted without even touching the heatsink, however a 120mm fan fits exactly matching the heatsink width, so the airflow will go right through the sides of Orochi heatsink. Although, they position the new cooler primarily as a passive cooling solution, so the heatsink sides are covered with nothing and the gap between the plates is bigger than in most other active coolers.

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