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New Scythe Orochi cooler is a solution for those who know why they needs it, understand the airflow circulation inside their system case very well, or have no system case at all. It is a very sophisticated cooler to just go and buy, install onto the CPU and wait for great results –in this case it is very unlikely to prove up to your expectations.

Scythe Orochi is so far beyond any competition in passive mode. A 100MHz advantage over passive Scythe Ninja Copper during CPU overclocking proves it very well. Moreover, a 140-mm fan doesn’t generate any noise and wins another 11ºC for your CPU.

At the same time, if you are looking for the most efficient air cooler and do not try to put together a silent system (completely noiseless and not just quiet), then you may be able to find quite a few more efficient and compact choices for the same $65 they ask for Scythe Orochi these days.

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