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Almost a year ago we reviewed Scythe Setsugen cooler, which turned out not a great success, so to speak. That was probably one of the reasons why it had been discontinued so rapidly. Note that they only announced Setsugen’s replacement this past September, and the new Setsugen 2 started selling just recently. Today we are going to find out if the new cooler is indeed that good compared with the reference cooling systems and competitor products.

Package and Accessories

The cooler is sealed in a compact plastic package, which is covered in all sorts of information, typical of Scythe:


The box is pretty heavy, although the cooler doesn’t weigh that much: only 435 g. Scythe Setsugen 2 is accompanied by the following items:

  • Three retention plates;
  • Two sets of screws;
  • 16 tall heatsinks for video memory chips;
  • 6 low-profile heatsinks for video memory chips;
  • 7 individual heatsinks for the VRM components;
  • One solid heatsink for the VRM components;
  • Copper plate for the GPU;
  • Backplate for the back of the graphics card;
  • 2 aluminum heatsinks of different kind for the NVIO chips on GeForce graphics cards;
  • Eight-pin adapter cable for additional power;
  • Installation manual;
  • A 1 g pack of Scythe thermal paste.

I would like to add that Scythe Setsugen 2 is made in Japan and is priced at about $45. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]


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