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Cooling Efficiency Tests 

The results are given on the diagram and in the table below:

First of all I have to say that Scythe Susanoo didn’t turn into a scapegoat, even despite the poor contact with the processor heat-spreader and loosely attached heatsink fins. Moreover, in the race against Zalman CNPS10X Performa the new Scythe cooler is ahead at the fan speeds up to 1200 RPM, which should be great news for the owners of quiet systems (remember that we are talking about 100 mm fans here). As soon as the default fan of the Zalman cooler speeds up to 1400 RPM, Scythe monster starts yielding to the rival, although it remains competitive at 2000 RPM speed of its fans. Keeping in mind how efficient Zalman CNPS10X Performa actually is, the results demonstrated by Scythe Susanoo are very pleasing, but does it have the efficiency we expected from a gigantic, super-heavy and very expensive cooler? Hardly…

Let’s test Scythe Susanoo’s abilities during maximum CPU overclocking (the case is still open and the fans work at 2000 RPM):

I have to say that it is very good for a six-core processor: 89°C on the hottest core under peak load at 4450 MHz frequency and 1.45 V Vcore. It is far from being a record, but is very good anyway.

Of course, we couldn’t help testing Scythe Susanoo in a fanless mode, especially since without the fans the cooler looks even more impressive:

Since in this case we could easily close the case, we tested the cooler in two different modes: with and without the case side panel.

First, let’s check out the cooler efficiency when the CPU works at its nominal frequency of 3.33 GHz and nominal voltage of 1.2125 V:

Open case

Closed case

64°C under maximum load inside an open case and 70°C inside a closed case is a great result, but will Susanoo be able to cope with an overclocked processor in fanless mode? And if it will, then how far can we push the CPU frequency and voltage? Surprisingly, it coped perfectly fine with 3.8 GHz at 1.225 V Vcore, 3.9 GHz at 1.25 V Vcore, and even 4.0 GHz at 1.2875 V Vcore:


In the latter case the peak CPU temperature reached 88°C. Unfortunately, Scythe Susanoo didn’t allow us to continue overclocking our processor in fanless mode any higher than that. However, it is hardly a reason for disappointment because only such air-cooling gurus as Thermalright HR-02 and Noctua NH-D14 are capable of something like that. And the majority of mainstream coolers, even the “super” ones, cannot do that in fanless mode.

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