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Acoustic Performance

The acoustic performance of all our testing participants was measured in their entire fan rotation speed range following our testing methodology described above. The results are summed up in the diagram and table below. The results obtained on Scythe Susanoo are given separately for two- and four-fan mode:

Scythe Susanoo with four fans is subjectively acoustically comfortable up to 1250 RPM and is very quiet at up to 1060 RPM. Here Zalman CNPS10X Performa is obviously losing. If we disconnect two fans (for example, those installed on the smaller heatsink array), these numbers will shift to 1410 RPM and 1200 RPM respectively. Here I have to stress that the impellers of two fans out of four are not very well-balanced that is why we can clearly hear some pulsating sound which adds some discomfort to Susanoo’s acoustics.


Taking into account the results obtained in our today’s test session we will try to determine who may benefit from Scythe Susanoo most of all. First, it may be well liked by wealthy enthusiasts who have their systems assembled outside the system case or inside a relatively wide case with a large side-panel fan or at least a meshed side panel. Moreover, they should need to cool the entire upper part of the mainboard PCB, system memory as well as graphics card, if it is in the way of the airflow coming from the two fans on the smaller Susanoo heatsink array.

As you understand, these numerous conditions narrow down the group of potential owners of the new gigantic Susanoo cooler from Scythe, so it is difficult to claim its success in the today’s market. It is more a matter of prestige (having the largest and heaviest cooler out there) or maybe even a way to add some fun to business. I am sure that Scythe Susanoo got a lot of attention during the CeBIT showcase, so Scythe decided to bring it to production after all. And today we learned how good this monster turned out to be. We are proud to award Scythe Susanoo our Ultimate Innovation title:

Speaking particularly about our Scythe Susanoo sample we have to mention several uncovered flaws: not very well executed heatsink with loose fins and slightly uneven base, pretty inconvenient installation, insufficient pressure hold for such a heavy cooler and a short cable for the fans rheobus. Nevertheless, even in this condition Scythe Susanoo coped with cooling of an overclocked processor even in fanless mode. Overall, it is a decent cooler, but for a cooler of its size and weight, it could have been a little better. As always the choice is yours. 

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