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Cooling Efficiency and Acoustic Performance

Cooling Efficiency Tests

The coolers are lined up according to their launch time in the market. The results are given on the diagram below:

The first unexpected surprise came from XIGMATEK cooler that lost to all other testing participants. Moreover, it fell up to 10ºC behind the leaders, which is more than surprising, because the design of HDT-D1284 is very promising especially thanks to heatpipe direct-touch approach. As you may remember, we have already tested cooling solutions with heatpipe direct-touch technology and we have observed exactly the same effect. It means that even though they suit for cooling 45nm quad-core Intel processors on Yorkfield core, they prove considerably less efficient with them than with the older 65nm Kentsfield based processors.

The second surprise, this time a pleasant one, came from a new Scythe solution – the ZIPANG cooler. The Japanese cooler proved extremely efficient inside a closed system case: it provided 6ºC better cooling efficiency than its brother, the Scythe Infinity cooler, and even outperformed the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme by 3ºC! Of course, we shouldn’t underestimate the contribution from the side panel fan in the system case that worked better for the Scythe ZIPANG and XIGMATEK HDT-D1284 than the tower-shaped coolers. Besides, Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme regained its leading positions in an open testbed. Nevertheless, the results of our today’s test session show that overclockers have definitely got another new super-cooler at their disposal.

Unfortunately, the overclocking potential of the new quad-core processor was limited at 4050MHz with 1.6V Vcore even with the today’s best cooling system. We didn’t feel like raising the voltage any more for psychological reasons and because of the info on 45nm CPUs degradation as a result of overclocking with extremely high voltage settings. That is why today we are not offering you the maximum CPU overclocking results for each cooler tested.

And what about XIGMATEK HDT-D1284 on 64nm processors? We didn’t have a quad-core Kentsfield available to us at the time of the tests that is why we performed additional tests on a dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 with 2.66GHz nominal frequency that was overclocked to 3.86GHz with 1.6V Vcore setting. The obtained results looked as follows:

XIGMATEK HDT-D1284 has fully rehabilitated itself after pretty unimpressive performance on a Yorkfield based processor. So, we dare suppose with pretty high probability that XIGMATEK cooling solution should be just a little less efficient than Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme on hotter 65nm quad-core CPUs on Kentsfield core.

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