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Winding up the discussion I started in the beginning of this review, I can say that we didn’t witness any significant breakthrough in terms of reducing the CPU temperature with the new cooling solutions. The obtained results prove that we haven’t hit another qualitative milestone just yet, even though there are two new solutions to be added to the super-coolers list. Let’s sum up the obtained results for each of them separately.

XIGMATEK HDT-D1284 finally proved to be a very successful solution, however, we have to stress that it is only true for 65nm processors. Not very high cooling efficiency with 45nm processor on Yorkfield core against the background of today’s other testing participants may result from a smaller contact spot between the processor die and the CPU heat-spreader (Yorkfield’s die size is smaller than Kentsfield’s). Other than that the cooler is an excellent solution: lightweight, universal and convenient to use, not noisy at all, allowing easy replacement of the default fan with a more powerful one, with the lowest retail price of all today’s testing participants ($48).

Scythe ZIPANG, on the contrary, proved a terrific cooler from all standpoints. Very high cooling efficiency, low level of generated noise, ability to work with a 120mm fan instead of a 140mm one, excellent cooling of the around-the-socket area and even memory modules, universal design – all these advantages will be extremely attractive not only to overclocking fans but also to regular users who care about proper cooling and quiet system operation. As for the drawbacks, I have to mention that it is very hard to install if the mainboard is inside the system case. And some overclockers who never have enough may wish there were a more powerful fan with a rotation speed controller. As for the cooler price of $58.80, it is absolutely adequate and comparable with the price of ZIPANG’s direct competitors.

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