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Design and Functionality

The cooler design doesn’t boast any innovative approach. However, nevertheless, XIGMATEK engineers managed to combine several successful solutions used by other cooler makers in their HDT-D1284:

So, this 667g cooler boasts the so-called top-design when the airflow from the fan is directed to the mainboard PCB surface. The cooler is based on four copper heatpipes, each 8mm in diameter. The heatpipes pierce 60 (!) aluminum plates of trapezoid shape:

Aluminum heatsink plates have stamped grooves at the bottom that should create additional turbulence for the airflow and thus ensure that hot air will not stagnate in the heatsink plate array. We have already seen the same solution by OCZ Vendetta cooler.

The heatpipes feature an elbow curve half-way to the heatsink:

This curve may be intended to ensure better compatibility of the XIGMATEK cooling solution with the mainboards and provide more free space beneath it. If XIGMATEK made these heatpipes straight, the tall chipset or RAM heatsinks could become a significant obstacle hindering cooler installation. AT the same time, it is hard to tell how this additional curve will affect the gas and liquid movement as well as overall cooler efficiency. However, I believe that additional resistance will no pass completely unnoticed for the overall heat dissipating efficiency.

One of the key features of the new XIGMATEK HDT-D1284 cooler is the H.D.T. technology used on the contact surface between the cooler base and the processor heat-spreader – Heatpipe Direct Touch:

Four heatpipes are part of the cooler base and are pressed into the aluminum plate. There is thermal compound that ensures proper contact between the heatpipes and the base plate:

It is hard to tell how sturdy this contact is. Nevertheless, the contact between the heatpipes and the aluminum base plate remained absolutely reliable throughout the entire test session when the cooler was installed and dismounted multiple times.

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