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Design and Functionality

The cooler boasts impressive size of 145 x 148 x 112mm and weighs 815g:

At first glance, the cooler design doesn’t strike you with anything particularly innovative:

The cooler boasts the same top orientation of the heatsink array with a fan, six copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter that go through the cooler base, and 68 thin aluminum plates of the heatsink array sitting on the heatpipes. The only unusual thing is a 140mm fan on top of the heatsink that makes this new cooler stand out among other similar looking solutions. However, this is just the first impression. In reality everything is not as simple as it might seem.

The thing is that Scythe ZIPANG for the first time uses UPHC technology – Uneven Parallel Heatpipe Construction – that should improve heat transfer efficiency by reducing the losses. In reality it looks like this:

Heatpipes pierce the cooler base and exit at the top of the heatsink. Their long ends pierce aluminum heatsink array and their short ends go right beneath it, holding it at the bottom. Besides, these heatpipes are curved not exactly beneath the top loop, but with a slight shift:

The cooler heatsink sits on the heatpipes on exactly in the middle, but also with a slight shift to one side:

This solution may have been intended to ensure that the airflow from the fan cools down the memory heat-spreaders or chipset cooler, or even the heatsink on mainboard power components of the voltage regulator circuitry. It will depend on the way the user installs the cooler.

The heatsink is cooled with a 139 x 139 x 25mm fan with seven fan blades:

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