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Design and Functionality

On the outside, the new SilverStone Heligon HE01 doesn’t seem that new and looks very similar to Noctua NH-D14 and a number of other two-tower coolers. The key feature that distinguishes it from all other products is the asymmetrical heatsink arrays:



At the same time, the cooler is pretty large: the heatsink measures 160x140x119 mm and weighs 915 grams.

The two-array heatsink is built around six copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter. The heatpipes pierce the copper base and both heatsink arrays, each made of 47 aluminum fins 0.4 mm thick. The gaps between the fins are 1.9-2.0 mm:


The smaller heatsink array is 30 mm wide. The heatpipes go through it in a single straight line. The larger heatsink array is 50 mm wide and it bears the primary thermal load. The heatpipes inside this array are shifted away from one another:


The calculated effective cooling surface of this heatsink is about 10,940 cm2, which is very close to what the best air coolers out there have. The entire heatsink is nickel-plated. It would be logical to assume that the smaller heatsink array is at the airflow entry, and then fan will be pushing the airflow through the larger heatsink array.

The heatpipes lie inside special grooves in the cooler base and are soldered to it. The thinnest part of the base beneath the heatpipes measures only 2 mm. As for the contact method between the fins and the heatpipes, they are most likely pressed against the heatpipes, because we didn’t notice any traces of glue or soldering anywhere:

The base contact surface is a rectangle 42x38 mm big. It doesn’t look that perfect, but you can’t feel any machine marks to the touch:

We didn’t detect any serious curving during our standard metal ruler check, but some unevenness is indeed present:


As for the thermal paste imprint, it turned out almost flawless:

Strange as t might seem, but the most interesting part of the SilverStone Heligon HE01 cooler is, in our opinion, its SST-FHP141-H fan. This is a large 140 mm seven-blade fan 38 mm thick! It does look pretty brutal:


The massive pretty large blades are aggressively curved like the wind-blown sails of the Black Pearl ship. Three robust 7 mm rays and one 9 mm ray with a stator hold the impeller in place. The impeller diameter is 131 mm, and the stator diameter is 44 mm.

This super-fan rotation speed can be adjusted automatically using PWM method in two speed ranges. You can switch between the two speed intervals by flipping a small switch right on the fan itself:

The first rotation speed range could be considered acoustically comfortable, because its minimal setting is close to 500 RPM, and the maximum speed is at 1200 RPM. In the second case the fan will be rotating at 500-2000 RPM. Can you imagine a 38 mm thick 140-mm fan spinning at 2000 RPM? This is a killer! And the technical specifications confirm this: 171 CFM airflow and 41 dBA noise. The static pressure is not mentioned, but with the parameters like that, this fan will push through any heatsinks, even the densest ones.

The fan is built with a dual ball bearing with a guaranteed MTBF of 80,000 hours or over 9 years. The fan’s electrical parameters are mentioned on the rotor sticker:

By the way, the maximum power consumption of this fan turned out pretty modest for its size and rotation speed and equals only 4.2 W. the startup voltage is declared at 9 V, but our tests indicated that the fan could take off easily at 5 V. the fan power cable is pretty short: only 255 mm.

To reduce the vibrations transferred from the fan frame to the heatsink fins, you should use provided silicone pads, which should be stuck to the fastening loops:

The fan is then installed between the heatsink arrays and is attached to one of them with the provided wire clips:

The cooler comes with three sets of clips like that and four shock-absorbing silicone pads, so theoretically you can arm SilverStone Heligon HE01 with another two fans. It is a pity, however, that the powerful 140 mm SilverStone SST-FHP141-H fan cannot be purchased separately yet.

This is what the SilverStone Heligon HE01 looks like with the fan installed:




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