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Design and Functionality

Since the heatsink and the fan of the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer cooler are not connected, we are going to talk about them separately. The cooler heatsink sits on four copper heatpipes, each 8mm in diameter. These heatpipes are part of the cooler base:

You should already be familiar with heatpipe direct touch technology from our Xigmatek reviews. In Sunbeamtech’s implementation it is called Core-Contact. The heatpipes hold an array of 52 aluminum plates, each 0.4 mm thin. The plates are spaced out at 2.0 mm:

The plates are glued to the heatpipes with thermal glue that is why some of them do not hold as tightly as they could if they were soldered. The heatsink sides aren’t covered with anything that is why some airflow will most likely be lost off the sides of the heatsink:

The ends of the heatpipes do not have any decorative caps on them, like the ones we could see on Scythe solutions:

I doubt that this is an issue for a cooling solution, so let’s not stop here and continue with our discussion of the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer heatsink design.

The heatpipes are slightly spread out on leaving the base, which ensures more even distribution of the heat flow over the heatsink array:

The base of the cooler is covered with protective plastic film warning you that it needs to be removed before installation:

This film most likely serves to prevent copper heatpipes surface from oxidation, because there is nothing that could require anti-scratch protection here.

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