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The base surface is very even as we can tell from the thermal compound imprints on the glass surface and on the processor heat-spreader. They were very even over the entire contact surface area. The gaps between the heatpipes are 1.5mm wide and have aluminum inserts.

The heatsink is cooled with a 120 x 120 x 25mm fan:


The fan is based on a hydraumatic bearing that is claimed to guarantee 50,000 hours or over 5.5 years MTBF. The fan rotation speed is controlled with an included controller that should be installed into the case rear panel instead one of the brackets. The claimed rotation speed interval is 1000-2000 RPM (±10%) with the noise level between 16 and 20 dBA (±10%). The fan creates maximum 90.65 CFM airflow. I didn’t detect any crackling of the fan motor throughout the entire test session.

To lower the vibrations and shift the acoustics to a more comfortable zone for a human ear, there are 4 small rubber pads on the fan corners:

The fan itself is attached to the heatsink with two wire clips that catch on to the mounting holes in the fan and a special groove on the heatsink:

Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer cooler with an installed fan looks as follows:


Here I would like to add that the cooler measures 125 x 104 x 155mm and weighs 590g (the heatsink alone).

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