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The liquid-cooling systems also called water-cooling systems are upgraded less frequently and evolve even slower than the air-cooling products. There are several reasons for that. First, liquid-cooling system components that have been matched well and are put together properly are always more efficient than even the most advanced air cooler. In addition, systems like that can cool down several different components simultaneously. It means that they aren’t really direct rivals to air coolers and therefore the competition in this market segment is way less aggressive.

Second, it is way harder to increase the cooling efficiency of liquid-cooling systems compared to air coolers. You may increase the radiator size, equip them with higher-speed fans and increase the pump performance. However, these fall under the extensive approach, while the intensive approach would be increasing the efficiency of the water blocks, optimizing their internal structure in order to ensure faster heat transfer away from the processor heat-spreader or die and at the same time reducing the hydro-dynamic resistance. Of course, it is fairly hard to accomplish all that in a very compact case that is why new processor water blocks do not come out often: once a year at best.

The third reason stalling the development of liquid-cooling systems is the price of the high-efficiency solutions. As a rule, these components cost a lot of money and any further optimization makes the system even more expensive. And the most expensive is the liquid-cooling system, the harder it is to find a perfect market niche for it.

Despite the above mentioned difficulties, the Californian Swiftech Company still released two new liquid-cooling systems called H2O-220 Edge and H2O-320 Edge that both belong to the same H2O-X20 Edge series and differ only by the size of their radiators and number of cooling fans. Both these systems boast very attractive price-to-performance ratio, since they come with high-quality expensive components, which – if purchased separately – will be 20-25% more expensive than the complete kit. Today we are going to discuss the senior model of the two in our review.

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