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MCR320-Drive Radiator and MCP35X Pump

The second revision of MCR320-Drive radiator with fans, pump and an expansion tank is the major system component that is why it is not only placed inside an individual box, but is also sealed inside a soft pack:

MCR320-Drive comes with two plastic clamps and two fittings 10 mm in internal diameter:

MCR320-Drive is a single system consisting of a copper radiator, three 120x120 mm fans, an expansion tank and a pump:

This component of the Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge system measures 429x128x74 mm. The layout below shows the exact measurements of the unit:

The radiator is of classical structure. It consists of 12 longitudinal channels with comb-like fin structure soldered to them:

There is an expansion tank in the upper part of the MCR320-Drive radiator. The tank has two holes covered with threaded plugs:

At the bottom of the radiator there is Swiftech MCP35X pump. The layout scheme shows its detailed dimensions:

The new pump is an enhanced version of the popular Swiftech MCP355 model.

Besides larger incoming and outgoing holes that have been increased to ¼ inch, MCP35X also supports PWM control of the rotor rotation speed in the 1300-4500 RPM interval:

In fact, MCP35X offers the absolute best combination of pressure and flow out of all currently available Swiftech’s pumps:

The pump performance is claimed to be 1050 l/h with 4.4 mH2O. Very impressive characteristics. Besides, the bearing in MCP35X should last at least 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of non-stop operation. The unit comes with 2-year warranty. I also have to add that when you purchase the radiator, expansion tank and pump unit separately, it will cost you $205.99 and the pump itself - $99.95.

The radiator is topped with three seven-blade Hengyang RDM1225S fans measuring 120x120x25 mm, which are covered with protective meshed filters. Our particular Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge unit came with one defective fan:

Nevertheless, it worked in the entire speed range just fine. Although we had to use super-glue to put the impeller and the frame back together. Using the above mentioned adapters we should adjust the rotation speed of the fans in the interval from 900 to 2000 RPM (950-2140 RPM according to our actual measurements). Maximum airflow of each fan is promised to be 81.3 CFM and the noise – 36 dBA.

The fans use slide bearings with 40,000 hours or over 4.5 years MTBF:

The maximum power consumption of each fan shouldn’t exceed 2.7 W, but our measurements showed that it was a little over 3.1 W. the startup voltage was 3.8 V.

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