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Apogee XT Rev. 2 Water Block

Apogee XT Rev.2 is not a part of the Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge kit, but since it is currently the best and most expensive water block Swiftech has, we decided to test it as well. It comes in the same simple cardboard box with a black-and-white paper sticker:

It officially supports LGA 1155 and comes without the LGA 775 backplate.

Apogee XT Rev.2 has a different top cover: it is made of nickel-plated steel instead of plastic:

Of course, it looks more stylish and beautiful than plastic, but I doubt that this cover costs $20 to make, since it is exactly the price difference between Apogee XT Rev.2 and Apogee XTL. Other than that the water blocks are identical.


However, Swiftech did provide detailed dimensions of the flagship product:

Of course, the internal structure is also exactly the same as that of Apogee XTL:

Compared with the first revision of Apogee XT, the new water block has lower flow resistance and therefore maintains higher efficiency at lower pump speed:

The contact surface of the base plate is impeccably even and is finished just as amazingly well, as that of XTL model:

The installation procedure is the same, but its description is much more detailed. In particular, there is an illustration of correct installation on Apogee XT Rev.2 product page (water block side with three screws must be parallel to CPU locking lever). There is also another illustration showing the liquid flow inside the water block, according to which the coolant coming in under pressure first washes the internal pin-structure and then goes along the perimeter of the block on the way to the exit fitting:

The correctly installed Apogee XT Rev.2 looks as follows:

The coolant comes into the water block through the central tube and comes out of it through the “corner” tube.

Now I have to remind you once again that Apogee XT Rev.2 doesn’t come with Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge system and costs $79.95 in retail.

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