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Assembly and Installation

The assembly and installation of Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge is hardly different from any of the previous Swiftech liquid-cooling systems. It is described in detail in the manual. The first thing you do is attach the MCR320-Drive radiator onto or inside the system case. As we have already mentioned above, Swiftech offers up to 24 different ways of installing the radiator. We decided to go with the simplest option, which, in our opinion, was behind the system case. In this case we first had to attach the MCB-120 “Radbox” frame to the system case back panel:

Then we hang the radiator on top of it and hold it with self-tapping screws:


A long radiator like that will cover practically the entire back panel of a large case like Antec Twelve Hundred:

It would be better to insert the fittings before putting the radiator in place, but if you didn’t do it before, you can always do it after:

When the system is installed onto the case, it looks as follows:

Now you have to connect the fitting of the radiator and the pump to the fitting on the processor water block using the included tubing and fill the system with the coolant diluted with the required amount of distilled water.

The last thing is to connect the pump power supply and monitoring cables and the cables of all three radiator fans using the provided adapters. And here you are: time to power up! Although 5-7 seconds after the first start we recommend shutting down the system and fill the liquid-cooling system with additional coolant. With Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge it is easier to use the upper hole in the expansion tank. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any type of funnel among the accessories, which could make the refilling procedure way faster and easier. 30-40 minutes into the first operation period it is recommended to check the coolant level one more time and add more liquid if necessary. Note that Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge can only take no more than 0.6 l, while the junior H2O-220 Edge model will most likely take even less than that.

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