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We have already tested Swiftech H20-220 Compact liquid-cooling system in the end of March 2008. This relatively inexpensive solution made a very good impression at that time having left a well-known super-cooler far behind in our tests. Today we are going to talk about an even more advanced and as a result more expensive liquid-cooling solution from the same manufacturer - H20-220 Apex Ultra+.

Package and Accessories

The box with Swiftech liquid-cooling system for all major computer components is not very big and its exterior slip-cover is designed in light-blue colors.

There is no important info on it: just the name of the manufacturer, and a bunch of award logos from on-line and printed publications that Swiftech products have earned by now.

Beneath this thin decorative slip-cover is another box of thick cardboard that protects all the system components against accidental damage. When you open this box, you get truly surprised with how everything actually fit in there:

Besides the main components of this liquid-cooling system, you will also get a lot of various accessories, adapters, small sets, screws, pads, different retention kits, and on and on…

I will not list all of them here, just take a look yourselves:


I would like to specifically mention 3m of flexible tubing with 11mm internal diameter and 3mm thick walls:


It also comes with a spiral coil called SmartCoils that should prevent the tubing from bending and ensure the liquid flow will not get blocked this way:

There is no actual manual in the box, however, there is a printout taken from the official web-site that will do just fine as a manual:

There is also a separate sheet warning you against possible radiator damage in case you use wrong (too long) fan retention screws.

Now let’s take a closer look at the main components of Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultra+ liquid-cooling system.

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