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For almost 20 years the California-based Swiftech has been producing components for liquid cooling systems. Started from Peltier elements and simple aluminum radiators, the company’s product range is now a comprehensive arsenal of components for building any type of liquid cooling solution.

Swiftech should be given credit for constantly polishing off each of its products, from radiators, pumps and waterblocks to fittings and controllers. The company is introducing innovations, however subtle, on a regular basis and to the envy of other brands.

Of course, it couldn’t help following the recent trend of mass-producing compact entry-level liquid cooling systems. Frankly speaking, the new Swiftech H220 is not very inexpensive and not very compact, yet it is only about half the price of an ordinary liquid cooling assembly and is comparable to top-end products from Corsair and Thermaltake. Let's have a closer look at it.

Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing


Packaging and Accessories

The Swiftech H220 has gone on sale but recently, so we tested its presale sample, packed into a plain white box:

We managed to find a picture of the retail packaging at the official Swiftech website, though:

It is highly informative, as you can see. We can’t say anything about its protective properties, but Swiftech has always been careful about the packaging of its products.

Our sample of the system came with full accessories including fasteners, thermal grease, screws, a PWM controller and a user manual in 9 languages.

Like most Swiftech products, the H220 was developed in the United States but is manufactured in China. Its recommended price is $139.95. Its warranty period is 3 years.

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