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Compatibility and Installation

The Swiftech H220 is compatible with all modern platforms from AMD and Intel as well as with the legacy LGA775. A detailed user manual is included into the kit. You can download its electronic version in PDF format from the official website.

The installation procedure is very simple. First, you fasten the radiator with fans inside your computer case. And then you mount the waterblock on your CPU. You only need to prepare the waterblock by inserting into its plates spring-loaded screws corresponding to your CPU socket type.


A universal back-plate is employed for LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 platforms, so if you’ve got such a mainboard, you’ll have to take it out of your computer. With Intel’s LGA 2011 and with all AMD processors, the waterblock is secured using the socket’s default mounting holes but you need to use additional brackets for AMD CPUs.

Then you apply some thermal grease (Swiftech recommends applying it in a rather thick line along the center of the CPU’s heat-spreader) and mount the waterblock.

As for the radiator, it requires that your computer case has two seats for 120mm fans.


You can see a number of various computer cases compatible with the H220 mentioned on the official website.

But after our recent rests of nine liquid cooling systems, we didn’t want to install our Swiftech H220 on the back panel of our computer case (although our Antec Twelve Hundred is perfectly compatible). We just put the radiator down beside it on a piece of foam rubber.

Every other cooler in this review, including the air cooler, was tested under the same conditions.

As for connecting the fans and pump, Swiftech equips the H220 with an 8-way PWM Splitter.

The system’s pump and two default fans are connected to it.

Power goes through a standard PATA power connector whereas monitoring is supported via a separate 2-wire cable that goes from the controller to the mainboard. The latter will be regulating the speed of all the three components as the result (using one signal, though). Overall, the controller allows connecting up to eight devices.

Installing the Swiftech H220 takes but little time (a couple of minutes in our case) and doesn’t call for any special skills. Therefore it is going to be suitable even for inexperienced users.

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