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Design and Functionality

The major components of both Swiftech systems are third revision MCR220 Drive and MCR320 Drive radiators, featuring fans, pumps and expansion tanks. They are packed into an individual box and then placed inside a soft pouch. They are accompanied with two fittings 10 mm in internal diameter, and the previously used plastic clamps now have been replaced with screw-on steel ones:

I would like to remind you that MCR220 Drive and MCR320 Drive radiators are a patented complete system consisting of a copper radiator with acrylic coating, two or three 120x120x25 mm fans, an expansion tank and a pump:




As we can see, the radiators of the two systems differ only in size: the junior MCR220 Drive model features a 331x128x72 mm radiator, and the senior MCR320 Drive model – a 451x128x72 mm one. The layouts below show their design and dimensions in detail:


The radiator structure, which has already become a classic, hasn’t changed a bit. It still consists of 12 channels with copper “comb” soldered to them:

The difference between the third and the second revision is that the former has two additional outputs for the fittings in the lower part of the radiator. These fittings allow connecting an additional water block to the radiator without the need to connect them consecutively (namely, as processor → graphics card → radiator), which should theoretically help improve the cooling of each individual knot. I have to add that MCR220 Drive weighs 1079 g, and MCR320 Drive - 1242 g.

The top part of the radiators remained the same: there is an expansion tank with two holes covered with screw-on caps (this was actually the part of MCR320 Drive that got damaged on the way to us). At the bottom of the radiator we see the same Swiftech MCP35X pump measuring 91.8x62x58.5 mm:

Looks like the pump was the only part of the new Swiftech systems that hasn’t been modified or improved in any way:

I would like to remind you that MCP35X has two holes 1/4 of an inch in diameter for incoming and outgoing coolant flow. It also supports PWM control of the rotor speed in the interval between 1300 and 4500 RPM:

According to the official Swiftech’s specifications, MCP35X provides one of the best combinations of coolant pressure and flow rate:

The pump performance is claimed to be 1050 l/h, its outlet head – 4.4 m, and the pressure – 1.5 bar. The ceramic bearing in MCP35X should last at least 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of non-stop operation, although the pump, just like the entire system, comes with only 2-year warranty.

The radiators are topped with two and three seven-blade Hengyang RDM1225S fans (120x120x25 mm). They are hidden behind protective meshed panels:

The fan rotation speed may be adjusted within 900-2000 RPM (940-2110 RPM according to our measurements) using the adapters mentioned among the bundled accessories. The maximum airflow for each fan is claimed to be 76.9 CFM, the static pressure – 3.5 mmH2O, and the noise – 38 dBA. I found it pretty strange that while the fans look exactly the same as the ones in Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge system and even have the identical marking, their parameters are different.

The fans use a frictionless bearing that should last 40,000 hours or over 4.5 years of non-stop operation:

Maximum power consumption of each fan shouldn’t exceed 2.7 W, although our tests showed that it was a little more than 3 W. the startup voltage was 3.8 V.

Apogee HD water block replaced a pretty successful Apogee XT and is now the flagship water block in Swiftech’s lineup. The packaging remained the same: very simple box with a paper sticker on the side:


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