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The water block comes with three backplates for LGA 1366, LGA 1155/1156 and LGA 775, two fitting, a pair of screw-on clamps, installation manual and Prolimatech PK-1 thermal paste that is now included instead of the previously used Arctic Silver Ceramique:

The water block still consists of a copper base, a plastic cap with four fitting holes (two fittings already installed in two of them) and a steel retention bracket with screws:


The plastic cap is now designed in two colors: white and black (referred to as “fashionable” and “Classic black” in Swiftech’s terms). The company decided to go with these two color choices to make sure that their water blocks will fit into the stylish design of the high-End system cases from NZXT, Silverstone, Thermaltake and many others.

The base plate is covered with a thin protective film that needs to be removed before installation:

The water block measures 91.4x91.4x37.5 mm and weighs 335 g.

According to Swiftech, the new Apogee HD was developed taking into account the peculiarities of the heat dissipation in Intel LGA 2011 and AMD FX Socket AM3+ processors. The internal structure of the water block boasts lower liquid flow resistance, although it is still designed with a lot of copper pins placed at minimal distances from one another:

For example, they promise a 30% reduction of pressure drop when the liquid flows through the water block…

…as well as a 2°C improvement of the temperature delta compared with the second revision Apogee XT water block:

There are fittings already installed into two out of four holes on the water block cap:

Another two may be used for parallel setup:

In this case Swiftech claims that the pressure drop in the mixed (serial + parallel) setup is ¼ that of the conventional serial setup. It means that theoretically you will be able to maintain high cooling efficiency at lower pump speed and therefore lower level of noise.

The base surface of the water block is impeccably finished:

It is also ideally even and what you see in the photographs below is the courtesy of our test six-core CPU with a convex heat-spreader:


Apogee HD is compatible with all AMD platforms and almost all Intel platforms. I say “almost” because you will need to get an additional retention kit with screws, springs and washers, which wasn’t included with the units we received for review:

However, we were still able to install the water block onto the board using the retention kit from NZXT Havik 120 cooler, which turned out to be an ideal fit:

The retention holds the water block very securely with high pressure. I would also like to add that if you decide to buy Swiftech Apogee HD separately, it will cost you $74.95, which is $15 more than the price of Apogee XT. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

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