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Compatibility and Installation

The assembly and installation of the H2O-X20 Edge HD are exactly the same as for any other system from Swiftech and are described in detail in the following manual. We have already dwelled on it in our previous articles, that is why we are not going to repeat that over again. I would only like to stress that Swiftech came up with a very convenient way to mount the radiator with fans onto the back panel of the system case using Swiftech MCB-120 “Radbox”, which we have already mentioned in this article. This is what it looks like schematically:

Note that this approach works for MCR220 Drive as well as for the large MCR320 Drive. Moreover, you can also install the radiator in one of the other 24 possible ways described on the packaging and in the manual. The most important thing in either case is to position it correctly in order to avoid coolant leakage:

White water block cap does indeed look very unconventional inside the system case:

For added convenience during the test session we didn’t attach the radiators to the back panel of our test system, especially since we have already discussed this procedure in detail in the previous two Swiftech reviews. And today the radiators were simply placed on a sheet of polyurethane foam next to the system case:

The liquid-cooling contours for both tested systems included only Apogee HD water block, which will allow us to estimate their cooling efficiency more objectively without other factors affecting the results:

In conclusion I have to add that it took us no more than 15 minutes to assemble and fill the systems. Everything is very convenient and easy to do, and screw-on clamps provide reliable hold. If you do everything carefully, then there will be no flood risk inside your system case.

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