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Coolink Chillaramic

The Coolink Chillaramic is shipped in a small cardboard box with a cutout in its front and information about the product on the back.


The syringe contains 10 grams of thermal grease which, according to Coolink, should suffice for 30 uses on a CPU.

This thermal grease resembles thick sour cream and is the same white color.

The Coolink Chillaramic claims to combine high efficiency and ease of use thanks to ceramic nano-particles. However, the manufacturer does not declare the thermal conductivity of this thermal grease, mentioning only the relative density with respect to water (3.2 g/cm3) and the operating temperature range (from -35 to +85°C).

This thermal grease does not conduct electricity and does not dry out but I have some apprehensions about its not leaking. Compared to the other products, the Chillaramic is perhaps the most fluid of all. On the other hand, it is very easy to apply:


This thermal grease is also easy to remove. The Coolink Chillaramic costs about $9.

Deepcool Z9

Besides pretty good coolers and fans, Deepcool offers three thermal interface materials. I will discuss the best of them here. It is called Z9.

The syringe with this thermal grease is shipped in a transparent blister pack with a paper insert.


The product is manufactured in China and sells for $12. The syringe contains 7 grams of thermal grease.

The Deepcool Z9 is specified to have a thermal conductivity of 4 W/(K·m). Its thermal resistance is expected to be no higher than 0.374°C-cm2/W. The operating temperature range spans from -40 to +200°C.

This thermal grease is rather viscous, but not too dry. It is gray in color.

The Z9 is easy to apply and distribute in a thin and uniform layer on a component surface.


I also had no problems cleaning the processor and cooler from the Deepcool Z9 after my tests.

Evercool Cruise Missile (STC-03)

Evercool’s marketing folks have come up with an original name for their thermal grease, perhaps associating it with a cruise missile that always hits the target. I guess they should instead have consulted with the engineers about what this gray stuff in the syringe does in order to offer a more relevant name. If they wanted to pursue the military theme, a name like Thermal Mine might be appropriate, I think. :)

The Cruise Missile comes in a large and originally decorated box.


Designed in the military style, the box protects the product against any hazards during transportation and is also informative.

The small syringe with a red cap contains only 3 grams of thermal grease.

The Cruise Missile is specified to have a thermal conductivity of 2.89 W/(K·m) and a thermal resistance of 0.032°C-cm2/W. Running a little ahead, I can tell you that two more products in this test session have the same specs but perform differently.

This thermal grease is gray, soft and viscous.

It is easy to apply and remove from any surface.


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