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Scythe Thermal Elixer (SCYTE-1000)

The Japanese firm Scythe Co. is represented with its Thermal Elixer in this review. The product comes sealed into a small paper and plastic package.


You will only find a 3.5-gram syringe with thermal grease inside. It is manufactured in Taiwan.

The Scythe Thermal Elixer has the same specs as the above-discussed Evercool Cruise Missile: a thermal conductivity of 2.89 W/(K·m) and a thermal resistance of 0.032°C-cm2/W. Its color is light gray.

This thermal grease is viscous and elastic. It can be easily spread out in a thin and uniform layer.


The Scythe Thermal Elixer costs about $10.

Thermalright Chill Factor III

Now it’s time to take a look at a product from Thermalright Inc., a leading manufacturer of air-based cooling solutions. The thermal grease is called Chill Factor III and is a third such product from Thermalright. To be exact, the first two were not individual products but were included with the company’s coolers. I will test them in the second part of this review.

So, the small tube with thermal grease and a card for spreading it on a CPU are packed into a transparent plastic blister wrap with a paper insert:


There is only 4 grams of thermal grease inside. It is manufactured in Taiwan and costs about $10 in retail shops.

I do not know much about the official specs of the Chill Factor III. Its thermal conductivity is declared to be no lower than 3.5 W/(K·m) and its thermal resistance is 0.032°C-cm2/W. Thermalright claims the Chill Factor III to “bring a new era of thermal interface materials”. This grease does not conduct electricity. It doesn't leak, dry out or burn. Its color is gray.

Being dense in consistency, the Chill Factor II features a unique composition that makes it very plastic and viscous. It is no harder to apply it on a CPU than most other thermal greases. It spreads out in a thin and uniform layer.


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