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Thermaltake TG-1 (CL-O0027) and TG-2 (CL-O0028)

Thermaltake is represented by two products: TG-1 (CL-O0027) and TG-2 (CL-O0028). Both are packed into transparent blister wraps.

The first product is targeted at enthusiasts who are ready to shell out $13 for 4 grams of thermal interface. The second one is an entry-level alternative and comes in a same-capacity tube for only half the money. Both are manufactured in Taiwan.

The Thermaltake TG-1 and TG-2 are specified to have a thermal conductivity of 3 and 1.5 W/(K·m), respectively. The TG-1 can work within a temperature range of -40 to +150°C; the operating temperature range of the TG-2 is not specified. Both are dielectrics and are expected to retain their properties for two years of use.

They differ in color, the TG-1 being somewhat darker.

The lighter TG-2 is also more fluid, although both are rather easy to apply and remove.

Thermaltake TG-1 Thermaltake TG-2

Titan Royal Grease (TTG-G40030)

The Titan Royal Grease (TTG-G40030) comes in a lightproof pack with a small sticker.

Inside you will find a slim tube with 3 grams of gray-colored thermal grease.

The Titan Royal Grease has the same specifications as the Evercool Cruise Missile and Scythe Thermal Elixer. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that these are actually one and the same thermal grease selling under different brands, as is often the case with CPU coolers. The Royal Grease specs also mention the operating temperature range: -50 to +240°C. This grease retains its properties for 2 years.

Here are the imprints left by the Titan Royal Grease on the processor and cooler:


You can buy it for about $7.

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