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Tuniq TX-3 and TX-4

The Tuniq TX-3 has been manufactured for over a year and a half already and is considered one of the best thermal interfaces for overclocking. It comes in a transparent blister wrap with a paper insert. You can find the product specs on the back of the packaging:


The small tube, manufactured in China, contains only 3 grams of thermal grease which will cost you $5.

The TX-3 is gray and dense. Its thermal conductivity is specified to be 6.2 W/(K·m). Its operating temperature range goes from -45 to +200°C.

The Tuniq TX-3 is similar to the ARCTIC MX-3 in consistency and density, so it is not very easy to spread it out thinly. Anyway, if you apply enough force, you should get a uniform layer:


The newer Tuniq TX-4 is the next step in the development of this thermal interface. It is rumored to be the ARCTIC MX-4 selling under the Tuniq brand, by the way. I don't know if this is true, but the Tuniq TX-4 comes in original packaging which is compact, reliable and rather informative.


A plastic card for spreading the thermal grease on the CPU is included with the 3-gram tube.

Take note that the sizes of the heat-spreaders of modern CPUs are marked out on that card.

The Tuniq TX-4 differs from the TX-3 in having a somewhat higher thermal conductivity (6.53 W/(K·m)), a different operating temperature range (-45 to +160°C), and different consistency. It has become more fluid and thus easier to apply on a CPU surface. The color hasn’t changed:

Tuniq says that the new TX-4 should be 1°C more effective than the TX-3.

Here is the imprint left by the Tuniq TX-4 on the graphics processor and cooler:


The amount of thermal grease being the same, the Tuniq TX-4 is twice as expensive as the Tuniq TX-3 and costs $10.

Xigmatek PTI-G3606

Like the Tuniq and many other thermal interfaces, the Xigmatek PTI-G3606 is packed into a plastic blister wrap.


The 3-gram tube is manufactured in China and costs about $6. A small spatula is included with it for spreading the thermal grease on a processor surface.

The Xigmatek PTI-G3606 is declared to have a thermal conductivity of 5 W/(K·m). Its operating temperature range is -20 to +180°C.

This thermal grease is gray.

It is also rather fluid, so it is very easy to apply and remove it from any surface. Here are the photos of its imprints:


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