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Cooler Master Thermal Fusion 400 (RG-TF4-TGU1-GP)

Cooler Master’s Thermal Fusion 400 is shipped together with the company’s flagship V10 cooler. It is also available as an individual product, but I tested the stuff included with a V10.

The Thermal Fusion 400 is declared to have a thermal conductivity of 2.89 W/(K·m), which isn’t very high. It neither leaks nor dries out. It does not conduct electricity and has a very low thermal resistance.

The Thermal Fusion 400 is medium-density, viscous and sticky thermal grease. It can be applied and removed easily enough.



The thermal grease included with CoolIT’s liquid cooling systems is sealed into a small 1.5-gram pack.

Its specs are not declared. It is close to liquid thermal greases in consistency but does not leak. It is gray in color.

Here are the imprints left by this thermal grease on the graphics processor and cooler’s base:


Deep Cool

Now let’s have a look at the thermal grease included with the Deep Cool V4000 cooler. In the first review I tested Deep Cool’s Z9 grease and the manufacturer’s website mentions two more thermal interfaces, Z5 and Z3. It’s hard to tell which one is included with the company’s coolers. The cooler descriptions do not mention that, either.

The small syringe contains 2 or 3 grams of gray-colored stuff.


The Deep Cool thermal grease is rather thick but can be easily applied in a slim and uniform layer.


I also had no problems cleaning the component surfaces after using it.

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