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Many entry-level air-based coolers come with SilMORE thermal grease which used to be white and semi-liquid but now is gray and thicker.

The specs remain unknown, though.


This grease is easy to apply and remove.

Thermalright Chill Factor and Chill Factor II

The two old thermal interfaces from Thermalright, Chill Factor and Chill Factor II, are not listed among the products currently produced by the company anymore, but I guess it’s interesting to test and compare them with the new Chill Factor III.

The first thermal grease is white in color and has the consistency of thick sour cream. The other is gray and thicker as can be seen in the photos.


Despite the difference in consistency, both are easy to apply and remove from the component surfaces.

Chill Factor Chill Factor II


Included with the Thermaltake Frio and many other Thermaltake coolers is a small syringe with light-gray thermal grease:


This viscous and plastic grease is easy to apply and sticks to the surface in a thin and uniform layer.


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