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ThermoLab supplies high-performance thermal grease with its coolers. For example, the new ThermoLab Bada 2010 comes with this syringe:

Most thermal grease syringes included with coolers are small but ThermoLab offers a generous 5 grams, which should suffice for 15 to 20 uses.

This thermal grease is plastic, viscous and sticky.

It can be easily spread out in a thin and uniform layer:

I could not find the official specifications of this thermal grease.

Titan Nano Blue and Nano Grease

Titan’s Nano Blue and Nano Grease used to be included with namesake coolers. As for newer products, the last model that I tested, the Titan Fenrir, came with Titan Royal Grease rather than either of these two.


The Nano Blue differs from the other products in its acid blue color and dense particles in its composition:


The Nano Grease is, on the contrary, white and rather liquid:



I don’t know anything about the official specs of these TIMs, but such specs are often different from what thermal grease can show in practice anyway.

I can tell you that the Nano Blue refused to ensure effective heat transfer between the GPU die and the cooler’s base during my preliminary tests:


But it may be interesting for modders due to its unusual color.

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