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Zalman ZM-TG2

Before Zalman began to produce its high-performance ZM-STG2 thermal grease, the company’s coolers had used to come with a tiny tube of ZM-TG2.


Despite its small size, the tube is quite informative. You can learn the composition (zinc oxide) and thermal conductivity (1.2 W/K?m) of the thermal grease.

The ZM-TG2 is white and rather thick (perhaps the thickest of all the white-colored greases). It is easy to apply and remove, though:



Zaward coolers come with a small syringe of white thermal grease:


The company produces TCG002 thermal grease with a declared thermal conductivity of 6 W/K?m but I don’t know whether the syringe contains it or some other stuff.


It is neither liquid nor very thick in consistency. I had no problems applying and removing it from the components.

ZEROTherm ZT-100

The Korean firm APACK supplies a 1.2-gram tube of ZT-100 thermal grease with its coolers.


The declared thermal conductivity is over 3.1 W/K?m. The thermal grease is gray in color, viscous and plastic.

It is easy to apply in a thin and uniform layer.


So, these are the 19 thermal interface materials that come together with CPU and GPU coolers. Let’s now check how effective they are.

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