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Design and Functionality

If you expect original solutions and daring innovations from such a conservative company as Thermalright, you may be disappointed here. The key new feature of the Archon SB-E X2 in comparison with the regular Archon SB-E is that it comes with two fans rather than only one.


It still retains some elegance and slimness thanks to the nickel-plated heatsink which is polished to a mirror shine.


The dimensions of the heatsink haven’t changed. It is 170.2 mm in height, 155 mm in width and 53.6 mm in depth.

The heatsink weighs 750 grams. It consists of eight nickel-plated copper heat pipes, 6 mm in diameter, which go through the cooler's base and pierce the aluminum fins.

The heatsink consists of 44 fins placed 1.9 mm apart from each other. Each fin is 0.5 mm thick. The total area of the heatsink is about 8000 sq. cm.

The pipes are soldered to the fins, which is where Thermalright products are superior to most of their opponents.

The heat pipes are soldered to the cooler’s base, too. You can easily see this in the photo:

It can also be seen that the bottom fins of the heatsink do not have contact with all of the pipes. The surface of the cooler’s base is finished perfectly:

It can be used as an actual mirror. Like the previous versions of the cooler, this one has a convexity in the middle. You can easily see that by the thermal grease imprint on the CPU heat-spreader:


The Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 comes with two TY-141 fans. We’ll discuss and test them in detail in our upcoming fan roundup.

For now, we can tell you that their speed is PWM-regulated in a range of 900 to 1300 RPM. The specified air flow is 28.3 to 73.6 CFM. The noise level range is 17 to 21 dBA.

Interestingly, unlike the TY-140 and TY-150 fans installed on the earlier versions of the Archon, the fans of the Archon SB-E X2 feature a dual ball bearing. Its service life isn’t specified, though. Basic information about the fan can be found on its sticker:

The 4-pin sleeved cable is 300 mm long. The fans are still secured on the heatsink with wire brackets. The silicone pads employed for absorbing vibrations are much larger than really necessary. It is very hard to glue them to the heatsink properly so that they really suppressed vibrations rather than served as mere decoration.

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