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Cooling Efficiency Tests

The obtained results are summed up in the following table and diagram:

First let me say a few words about the cooling efficiency of the new Thermalright Archon depending on the number of cooling fans and their rotation speed. I can state that with one 140 mm fan as well as with two fans the cooling efficiency of Thermalright Archon increases almost linearly in the interval from 600 to the maximum 1300 RPM. Step-by-step increase in the rotation speed with 200 RPM increments allows to lower the peak processor temperature by 3-4°C and only in the very last increment when we increase the speed to 1300 RPM the temperature drops by only 2°C instead of 3-4°C as before. When we add a second fan at the same rotation speed the temperature drops by additional 2-3°C. This isn’t a big improvement, but considering the maintained low noise level it is very valuable. With a couple of high-speed Scythe Slip Stream 140 fans, the cooling efficiency of Thermalright Archon improves by another 2 degrees compared with what can be achieved with a pair of Thermalright TY-140 fans at 1310 RPM.

Of course, we are particularly interested in comparison the obtained results against those of the today’s best air-coolers. With one default 140 mm fan the new Thermalright Archon didn’t yield even 1 degree to Thermalright Silver Arrow super-cooler in its default configuration with two such fans! This is a pretty impressive result for a single-array tower cooler, don’t you think so? But Archon looks even more impressive with two fans: it simply cools an overclocked six-core processor better than Silver Arrow by 3°C in quiet mode at 810 RPM and by 2°C at maximum 1310 RPM speed of two TY-140 fans. The difference is small, but if you have been reading our reviews, you should remember that Silver Arrow had about the same advantage over Noctua NH-D14, which remained the best of the best for almost 9 months! I believe I don’t have to tell you that ThermoLab Baram 2010, which used to be the most effective single-array cooler out there is no far behind Archon.

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