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Well, what can I say? Thermalright designed a truly magical cooler. Although two-array heatsinks are currently extremely popular, Archon turned out just as efficient as Silver Arrow, and with two fans attached to it, it proved even more efficient. In our opinion, there are several factors behind this impressive victory.  Firstly, it is very smart heatpipe layout inside the heatsink that allows distributing the heat over the heatsink more evenly. Secondly, we shouldn’t forget about thick 0.5 mm heatsink plates soldered to the heatpipes. Thirdly, it is the use of an extremely effective Thermalright TY-140 fan. And the fourth factor is cooler’s reliable retention providing very secure hold and impeccably polished contact surface of the base plate. All these factors combined allowed Thermalright Archon to become the today’s most effective cooling product. Of course, we shouldn’t also forget that the bent base of the cooler could have turned out to be an ideal fit for the non-lapped heat-spreader of our test CPU. However, this is highly unlikely.

Among the drawbacks of the new Thermalright Archon we should definitely mention its height: not every system case out there can successfully accommodate a 170 mm tall cooler. Moreover, the price tag of $79.95 seems to be a little too high, even though Thermalright products have always been on the pricy side. And the last but not least, we wish Thermalright could design a similar cooler that would be 5-10 mm shorter, but at the same time 20 mm wider. The shorter “Archon SE” would easily fit into most cases, and by making the heatsink 10 mm wider on each side they could increase the effective heatsink surface size significantly but at the same time still avoid blocking the closest memory DIMM slot.

We realy liked this cooler. In fact, it proved to be the best cooler out there today. Unfortunately, the drawbacks we pointed out above do not allow us to crown Thermalright Archon with the Editor's Choice, but we are happy to award it with our Ultimate Innovation title.

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