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Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) systems become more and more popular. The key features of these systems are compact size and noiseless operation. Therefore, cooling systems for processors installed in HTPC platforms also have to meet special requirements: the coolers have to be low-profile and generate minimal noise or work in passive mode (without any fans). Well-known Thermalright Inc. designed a cooling solution like that. It turned out, Thermalright AXP-140 boasts not only 70.2mm height, but also operates almost completely noiselessly. But let’s start our story about this cooling solution from the very beginning.

Package and Accessories

The cooler is shipped in a medium sized cardboard box with minimum of info on it: just the manufacturer name and the cooler model name:

There is a protective polyurethane foam casing holding Thermalright AXP-140 securely inside the box. There is a flat cardboard box with accessories on one side of it:

The new cooler is designed only for LGA775 platforms, that is why Thermalright AXP-140 is bundled only with an LGA775 backplate, four screw-nuts and a wrench for them, two wire clips and two silicon strips for the fans, The Chill Factor thermal interface, installation instructions and a Thermalright sticker. No fan is included with the cooler.

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