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Design and Functionality

The new Thermalright HR-02 Macho looks like an exact copy of the regular HR-02, with a global difference being the missing nickel-plating on the heatsink and the heatpipes:



However, it definitely improves the cooling potential, because nickel-plating is known to lower the efficiency of CPU coolers by about 1-2°C. The heatsink is of exactly the same size: 162 mm tall, 140 mm wide and 102 mm long:

The cooler weighs 860 grams and the fan adds another 140 grams to it.

I would like to remind you that Thermalright HR-02 Macho consists of six copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter and 32 aluminum heatsink fins each 0.5 mm thick which are sitting on the heatpipes 3 mm apart:


Each of the heatsink fins is perforated with 62 lengthwise holes with one edge bend upwards and a diamond-shaped large hole in the middle:


Perforation of the heatsink fins creates additional turbulence for the fan airflow, which ensures more efficient heat dissipation.

Thermalright maintained the original heatpipes layout inside the heatsink:

Copper nickel-plated base heat-spreader is a little shorter, but the soldering, 1 mm gaps between the heatpipes and the minimal plate thickness beneath them (<2 mm) remained the same as before. However, the biggest difference between the base of a regular HR-02 and the Macho coolers is the exemplary evenness of the latter and its much better finish quality. It hasn’t been polished to mirror-shine, but it definitely looks and feels smoother to the touch.

These are the thermal compound imprints left on the Thermalright HR-02 Macho base and the LGA1366 processor:


Although we have used a little more thermal paste than necessary this time, its excess has been squeezed to the edges of the heat-spreader due to very high pressure.

Thermalright HR-02 Macho is equipped with one Thermalright TY-140 fan 160x140x26.5 mm in size:

As we already know, this fan is of pretty high quality and is very quiet, so no wonder that Thermalright decided to use it for their Macho cooler. Its rotation speed varies automatically using pulse-width modulation method in the interval from 900 to 1300 RPM creating 56-73 CFM airflow and generating 19-21 dBA of noise. The fan’s maximum power consumption shouldn’t exceed 2.4 W. The MTBF of its enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing isn’t stated in the cooler specifications. The fan is attached to the heatsink with two wire clips inserted into retention holes. If you wish to use a second fan, then you will have to get another pair of wire clips on your own.

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