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Compatibility and Installation Tips

The Thermalright HR-02 is compatible with all modern Intel platforms and is equipped with the same fastening mechanism as the Venomous X. It consists of a back-plate with plastic tips, steel pins with spacers and a fastening plate:


The fastening mechanism has a variable pressure (from 40 pounds (or 18 kilos) to 70 pounds (32 kilos)) which is adjusted by means of the central screw and key.

To install the HR-02 on mainboards for AMD processors, you have to purchase a special fastening mechanism which is not included into the box.

This is how large the Thermalright HR-02 looks compared to our mainboard:

Although the HR-02 kit does not include any fans, there are four wire brackets (two for a 120mm and two for a 140mm fan) and four rubber angles that you should glue to the heatsink to suppress vibrations.

The HR-02 looks even more massive with a 140mm fan.

Take note that a large part of the fan’s airflow will miss the fins, which is not good in terms of CPU temperature but may have a positive effect on the temperature of mainboard’s near-socket components.

According to Thermalright, the HR-02 should be installed in one position on mainboards for Intel processors: 



That is, the heatsink must be as close as possible to the back panel of the case and slanting away from it. In this position the HR-02 does not block the memory slots even when you install a fan on it. And it can use the exhaust system fan to improve its own performance. Besides, the HR-02 is a one-way heatsink. It means that the airflow should go in one direction only to achieve maximum performance: from the straight pipes to the slanting ones. If the airflow goes in the opposite direction (i.e. when you install a fan on the other side or turn the heatsink around on the socket as in the right photo), the peak CPU temperature grows by 3°C. That’s not much, but even such trifles may be important.

You can try to install the heatsink perpendicularly to the memory slots. Then you can install a second fan on it:


Despite the better orientation of the heat pipes on an LGA1366 processor, this positioning lowers the cooler’s performance in comparison with the two installation variants mentioned above. Thermalright engineers do not recommend this orientation, either.

The HR-02 allows using 120mm fans instead of rather rare 140mm ones.

However, the HR-02 is 140 millimeters wide, indicating that 120mm fans are not the best option for this cooler. Indeed, the peak CPU temperature is about 5°C higher with one 120mm fan and 3-4°C higher with two 120mm fans compared to one and two 140mm fans, respectively.

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