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Design and Functionality

The HR-03 Plus heatsink has a copper base with six copper heat pipes, 6mm in diameter.

The pipes, coated with a thin layer of nickel-based alloy, go out of the copper base and then curve into the opposite direction.

The pipes carry 34 aluminum ribs. Each rib is perforated with 39 square holes:

According to the manufacturer, the perforation helps reduce the resistance to airflow and increase the efficiency of the heatsink. What is specifically emphasized, the perforated ribs do not have to be cooled by a high-speed fan as such a fan won’t increase the performance of the HR-03 Plus much. Perforated ribs are also used in Thermalright’s CPU cooler called SI-128 SE.

The pipes are placed not in line, but with a shift, in the ribs.

This simple solution helps reduce the resistance to airflow even more and also ensures a uniform distribution of heat in the heatsink ribbing.

The cooler’s base consists of two nickel-plated copper pieces:

The pipes lie in special grooves made in the base for a larger area of contact. The contact between the pipes and the base is established by means of soldering.

The cooler’s base is absolutely flat as I made sure by checking out the trace of thermal grease left on a piece of glass and on the GPU heat-spreader. Like in other heatsinks from Thermalright, the base is not polished to a mirror shine, though:

Yet this is hardly a drawback of these coolers. The nickel-plated copper pieces of the base are identical, allowing to install the cooler on the graphics card in two positions, with the heatsink being on the face side of the PCB or hanging down from the reverse side of it.

The Thermalright HR-03 Plus heatsink measures 133x156x38mm at 410g of weight (without a fan).

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