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Installation Tips

The cooler is mounted on the graphics card in the following, very simple, way:

As you can see, the cooler’s base is pressed tightly to the GPU heat-spreader by four pins that are fastened to the back-plate with the figured nuts. The back-plate has a soft rubber pad in the center and four rubber rings at its ends:

The pressure is high, but the PCB doesn’t bend because each G80 chip is by default surrounded with a massive metallic square fastened with screws. The only thing left for you to do after the installation of the heatsink is to attach a 92mm fan to it by means of two wire clips. Installed on the face side of the GeForce 8800 GTX, the cooler looks like that:

Although the cooler’s fastening is very firm, I had some apprehensions if the graphics card wouldn’t fall off together with the mainboard’s PCI Express slot under the cooler’s weight. That’s why I recommend you to secure the graphics card not only at its mounting bracket, but also at the opposite side near the additional power connectors.

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