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One drawback of the Thermalright HR-03 Plus is obvious right away:

The heatsink impudently occupies as many as three neighboring slots.

I guess it’s up to the user to decide if this drawback is significant for him. The manufacturer declares the opportunity to use the Thermaltake HR-03 Plus in SLI systems with two GeForce 8800 cards. One of the coolers is obviously supposed to be installed on the reverse side of the graphics card. This will look like that:

Once again, the manufacturer strongly advises you against using the HR-03 Plus in passive mode. This recommendation is quite logical considering the very high level of heat dissipation of GeForce 8800 GTS/GTX cards.

As for the aluminum heatsinks you should glue to the memory chips as well as to the power elements and the NVIO chip, I only installed one such heatsink on the latter chip during my tests:

The Thermaltake HR-03 Plus comes at a recommended price of $55. Before grumbling at the high price of the cooler, let’s have a look at its test results first.

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