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Looks like the cooling solution makers are not really worried about the fact that there has been no significant break-through in this segment for almost 1.5-2 years. Frankly speaking, the existing coolers can provide sufficient cooling for any contemporary CPU that is why most manufacturers with very few exceptions do not work on any sophisticated solutions, but rather announce and then start selling originally-looking coolers with a few modding-related twists. In other words, they do everything to get the users’ attention, but not to improve their solutions’ efficiency.

However, there is a group of computer users that will never have enough of CPU (and not only CPU) air cooling. These overclockers usually look at the ability of the new cooling solution to cope with overclocked processors, and not CPUs working in nominal mode. And the higher frequency they manage to reach with this or that cooler, the quieter it will work in this case, the more recognition it gets among dedicated computer enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, for various reasons our review of the only cooling solution like that has been delayed. We are talking about Thermalright IFX-14. It is not a new cooler any ore, it has already won a lot of awards and titles in printed and online publications. Today, however, we are ready to compensate for this omission. But before we get to the sweet spot of our today’s review, we would like to warm up your excitement by introducing to you another Thermalright cooling solution – a server HR-01 X cooler that should nevertheless be pretty interesting to overclocking fans, too.

Thermalright HR-01 X

Package and Accessories

The first cooler we are going to talk about today is not targeted for the consumer market. It is positioned for a pretty niche server market. The box it comes in is just a box :) :


Inside there is Thermalright’s traditional polyurethane foam casing that holds the cooler securely. There is a small box with accessories next to it:

Among the bundled accessories you can find a retention kit for Socket 603/604/771 mainboards, cooler installation guide, two shock absorbing silicon strips for the fan, two retention wire clips and a Thermalright sticker.

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