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Did you know that the primary occupation of all shamans besides the communication with the spiritual world is taming the fire? Well, if it hadn’t been for Thermalright who decided to launch a cooling product with this unique name, Shaman, we may have never learned about it. And now I had to surf over quite a few web-pages in order to find out what exactly people like that do and what analogies could be drawn between shamans and the graphics cards cooling systems. Graphics cards indeed have something to tame. Even though the temperatures of contemporary graphics processors and voltage regulator components are still quite far from the temperature of fire, they do require highly efficient cooling, which is exactly what Thermalright is going to offer us today.

Packaging and Accessories

Thermalright Shaman comes in a cardboard box of medium size that is neither informative nor beautiful, but is pretty sturdy and reliable:

There are casings made of polyurethane foam inside the box holding the heatsink and fan. The box with accessories is on the side:

This box contains the following components:

  • Twelve aluminum heatsinks for the memory chips;
  • Six aluminum heatsinks for the voltage regulator components;
  • Four low-profile aluminum heatsinks for the memory chips;
  • Universal backplate;
  • A set of screws, threaded mounts and screw-nuts;
  • Two wire clips for the fan;
  • Four silicon strips with one sticky side for attaching the fan;
  • Thermalright Chill Factor 3 thermal compound;
  • Installation manual and list of included accessories.

I would like to add that Thermalright Shaman is made in Taiwan and is priced at $74.95. It comes with a one year warranty.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]


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