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Design and Functionality

Let’s take a closer look at the heatsink:


We see a fully nickel-plated heatsink weighing 640 g and measuring 160x132x38 mm. The schematic image below shows more details about the size and shape of Thermalright Shaman:

In addition to the dimensions on the picture we would like to say that the distance from the center of the heatsink to the left side of the cooler (heatpipes curve) is 76 mm, and to the right side of the cooler (heatpipes ends) – 88 mm.

Thermalright Shaman heatsink consists of eight copper nickel-plated heatpipes 6 mm in diameter that come out of the cooler base:


They hold an array of 55 aluminum plates 0.4 mm thick that are 1.8 mm away from one another.

The cooler heatsink surface is not that big and makes only 2,990 cm2. The heatpipes pierce the entire heatsink evenly:


The heatpipes are soldered to the base and the heatsink plates are soldered to the heatpipes, as we see the soldering traces in all contact spots:


The actual base plate of the Thermalright Shaman cooler measures 55x45 mm, which is big enough to completely cover heat-spreaders of such graphics processors as GF100 (GeForce GTX 480). The contact surface of the base plate is surprisingly even. Moreover, it is also ideally polished:

The thermal paste imprint left by the Cypress graphics processor turned out impeccable:

In one of our upcoming articles you will also see the imprint from one of Nvidia GeForce GTX 4xx graphics cards 9the card is already on the way to me).

Thermalright Shaman is equipped with one TY-140 fan, which we are already familiar with from our recent 140 mm Fan Roundup. To ensure that the vibrations from the fan do not get transferred to the heatsink, the latter has special silicone strips stuck to it:

After that the wire clips holding the fan in place are inserted into the sides of the heatsink:

There is only one thing that concerns me: why did they make the ends of the wire clips so long? Even if they had been three times shorter, it wouldn’t have had any influence on the reliability of the fan retention. Now, however, it is very inconvenient to insert these long clips into the heatsink, especially, if the graphics card with a cooler is already installed into the system case.

In conclusion please take a look at the assembled Thermalright Shaman cooler with a fan attached:

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