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Design and Functionality

The heatsink of Ultra-120 A cooler is an exact copy of the heatsink on Ultra-120 eXtreme, although it would be more correct to say it the other way around, because Ultra-120 A was designed and released prior to eXtreme version.

This tower heatsink measures 63.4 x 132 x 160mm and weighs 745g (45g less than the heatsink of Ultra-120 eXtreme). The key difference from the “elder brother” is fewer heatpipes: Ultra-120 A has only four of them, while Ultra-120 eXtreme has six. Heatpipes are 6mm in diameter. The heatpipes, heatsink plates and the cooler base are covered with a thin layer of nickel alloy.

Heatpipes bear an array of 52 aluminum plates, each 0.3~0.35mm thick. They are spaced out at 1.6~1.7mm distance:

The manufacturer doesn’t indicate the size of the heat dissipating area. According to our calculations, it should make around The heatsink plates are slightly bent, looking like airplane propeller blades. According to the manufacturer, this shape not only increases the heat dissipating surface area, but also makes the airflow from the fan work more efficiently.

The heatsink sides are not covered with anything, so we assume part of the airflow will exit there (and it proved to be exactly this way):

The heatpipes are non-linear inside the heatsink, just like by Ultra-120 eXtreme model:

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