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Cooling Efficiency

The results of our cooling efficiency tests are given on the following diagram and in the following table:

Thermalright SilverArrow SB-E Extreme in its default configuration does defeat Phanteks PH-TC14P? due to the high-speed cooling fans. Although it was achieved at a very high level of noise, as you probably understood already. AT lower rotation speed of its TY-143 fans, SilverArrow SB-E Extreme demonstrates no efficiency advantage over the competitor, and at 800 RPM is loses by 3°C. Moreover, if we use the same Thermalright fans on Phanteks PH-TC14P?, it will take the lead: it will be 2°C ahead of Thermalright at maximum fan speed, 4°C – at 1600 RPM, and after that 1-2°C ahead. Remarkably, Phanteks PH-TC14P? cooler with two TY-143 fans at 800 RPM is less effective than with its original fans.

After that we compared the coolers’ efficiency on a 4.5 GHz overclocked processor and at 1.435 V Vcore. The results are again summed up in the following table and diagram:

Again Thermalright SilverArrow SB-E Extreme outperforms Phanteks PH-TC14P? only due to high-speed cooling fans. And while Phanteks cooler ensures CPU stability in the entire rotation speed range, Thermalright struggles at 1200 RPM and lower speeds that is why you do not the results in this rotation speed range on the diagram. As for the results of Phanteks cooler with two TY-143 fans, the situation repeats: the tremendous airflow created by these fans helps Phanteks PH-TC14P? to defeat the Thermalright competitor by 3°C under peak load. If the fan speed is lowered to 800 RPM, Phanteks cooler also fails to maintain CPU stability (as we indicated by crossing out the maximum temperature value on the chart).

We will not add Thermalright SilverArrow SB-E Extreme results to our summary diagrams, because Thermalright SilverArrow SB-E is already there anyway, and its results are practically the same.

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