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Thermalright is deservedly counted among the leading makers of highly efficient cooling systems. Hardcore overclockers can easily put up with the high price, rather low availability around the globe, unattractive packaging and even the characteristic convex sole of Thermalright’s CPU coolers just because they are perhaps the best offers available in this product category.

That said, Thermalright’s position seems to have been shaken recently by the ambitious Phanteks PH-TC14P? and the surprisingly good Zalman CNPS12X which are somewhat more efficient than the recognized leader Thermalright Archon. And so, in order to restore its supremacy, Thermalright has issued its new Silver Arrow SB-E cooler which, despite the similar name, has nothing in common with the original Silver Arrow and represents a different design.

As is indicated by the “SB-E” part in the model name, the Silver Arrow SB-E was developed especially for six-core Intel Sandy Bridge-E processors which have the largest die size among all desktop CPUs. Although the new cooler supports the rest of modern CPUs, including AMD ones, we should expect it to be the most efficient on the LGA2011 platform. We’ll check this out in our today’s tests.

Packaging and Accessories

Unlike most other products from Thermalright, the new Silver Arrow SB-E is shipped in a cardboard box of the old-style design. Well, if you can call that design.

You can only see the name of the manufacturer and the model of the cooler on the box. Each component is securely fixed in a foam-rubber compartment. There are additional sheets of protective material at the top and the bottom of the box. The packaging is simple but secure.

The accessories to the cooler are packed into a separate box and include fasteners with a universal support plate, an installation guide, brackets and rubber pads for fans, ChillFactor III thermal grease, and a Thermalright sticker.

A special accessory is a Y-shaped cable for connecting two fans to a single 4-pin header on the mainboard. Otherwise, you get the same accessories as with any other Thermalright cooler.

The recommended price of the Silver Arrow SB-E is $100 although it can already be bought for $87-$90 or thereabouts. The warranty period is 1 year.

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