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Design and Functionality

The dual-tower nickel-plated heatsink of the Silver Arrow SB-E looks splendid. The polished-off sharp-edged fins pierced by two neat rows of heat pipes, the chrome caps on the ends of the pipes and the mirror-like base are all very attractive.



The heatsink measures 154.65 x 103 x 162.8 millimeters compared to the original Silver Arrow’s 147 x 122.6 x 162.7 millimeters.

The new cooler doesn’t look bulky, though. It is rather elegant and lighter than its predecessor (803 instead of 825 grams).

The Silver Arrow SB-E has eight nickel-plated copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters. They go through the cooler’s base and carry two identical heatsink sections which consist of 102 aluminum plates, 0.5 millimeters thick and 2.0 millimeters apart from each other.


The fins have a complex shape and differ in size in the top, medium and bottom parts of the heatsink, so it is hard to calculate the total size of the surface. However, it can hardly be smaller than that of the original Silver Arrow (about 11,500 sq. mm). The heatsink sections are placed 27 millimeters apart and are almost round, so every fin is right in the path of the air flow from the fans.

The heat pipes are laid in grooves and use soldering to ensure better contact. We could spot no soldering between the pipes and the fins, though.

The fins may be soldered to the pipes just too neatly or they may be simply press-fitted onto them. Anyway, the fins sit very tight and none of them wobbles or moves about.

The contact spot of our sample of the cooler is 53x40 millimeters and has a lengthwise bulge.


Thermalright argues that this is not a bug but a feature which helps ensure higher pressure right on the center of the CPU heat-spreader where the CPU die is. The surface is flat along the transverse axis. The nickel-plated copper plate below the pipes is at least 2 millimeters thick.

The sole of the Silver Arrow SB-E is polished off to a mirror shine:

The thermal grease imprint wasn’t ideal, though:

The photo makes it clear that the Silver Arrow SB-E could do with only six heat pipes because the two outermost ones do not take any part in heat transfer.

Besides the new heatsink, the Silver Arrow SB-E features two new fans: a large TY-150 together with a TY-141 instead of its predecessor’s two TY-140 fans.

The 170x150x26.5mm TY-150 was discussed in our previous review whereas the TY-141 is a good old TY-140 with a slightly modified impeller. Thermalright’s official website doesn’t list the specs of that model. Those on the cooler itself are identical to the TY140 specs: 900 to 1300 RPM, 28.3 to 74.0 CFM, 21 to 25 dBA.

The two fans have the same electrical specs and both run on an enhanced hyper-flow bearing.


Each fan starts up at 6.3 volts and has a 300-millimeter cable.

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